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One-Click Installation with

Stream Overlays

Do you need an overlay?

We are making custom stream overlays for your stream and we also setup OBS for you. You can also buy some Stream Overlays online from our shop.

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting from WnD Solutions

Now is your opportunity to discover the capabilities of one of the most reliable web hosting solutions on the market.

Each package gives you access to our high–grade SSD–powered servers. You can easily improve your web sites with the web accelerators included in our custom–built Control Panel. As far as data security is concerned, we employ ZFS–powered data storage and ModSecurity firewall, and also offer day–to–day backups. Make the best choice now.

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Web Design

WordPress Web Design

Affordable web design services

We are Designing WordPress websites. Do you already have a website?
Do you want to create one? Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Discord Services

Discord Servers & Discord Bots

Do you have a Discord Server? Do you want to create one but you are bored to do it yourself? We can do it for you!

We can create a Discord Server with the channels and roles that you need. We can also create a Discord Bot for you with self-roles, contact forms, management commands and much more!

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Ready-To-Go Discord Bots

On our shop page you will find some ready-to-go Discord Bots. You can download the Discord Bot and host it yourself.


Important: We do not offer support with ready-to-go Discord Bots. Also, they may not receive updates or new features.

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