Fortnite Overlay #1



This Fortnite stream overlay is the ultimate upgrade for any streamer looking to take their setup to the next level. It features a dynamic and colorful design that is sure to catch the eye of your viewers. The overlay includes all the necessary screens such as Starting, Ending, Be Right Back, Intermission, and In Game overlays, providing your viewers with all the information they need while you’re playing. The color scheme is designed to complement the vibrant and colorful world of Fortnite, featuring a combination of blue, sky blue, turquoise, white, orange, and yellow. The color combination is perfect for the fast-paced and action-packed gameplay of Fortnite.

Upgrade your streaming setup today and give your viewers an immersive and exciting experience with this high-quality Fortnite overlay.

(The map hide image has been fixed. You can also adjust the size yourself)

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