Where can I find my Discord User ID?

Users have a multi-digit ID number that can be used in various cases. While you can use Discord entirely without knowing the ID number, some circumstances may arise where you need to get one, just in case. Here are the steps to find any of those!

Enabling Developer Mode – Desktop #

Make Sure You Have Developer Mode Enabled
You’ll find Developer Mode in User Settings > Advanced.

Obtaining User ID – Desktop #

Right-click your username and click “Copy ID”

Enabling Developer Mode – Mobile App #

To start, you’ll want to enable Developer Mode. For Android users, go to User Settings > App Settings > Behavior and turn on Developer Mode. For iOS you’ll head to User Settings > Appearance > Advanced and turn on Developer Mode.

Obtaining User ID – Mobile App #

For the User ID, go to your user Profile. You should see three dots on the top-right. Press those dots and you should see the last item on the drop-down menu: “Copy ID”.
Click this to get the ID. It should look like this on Android & for iOS:

Note that some of these options will change depending on your role in the server. The important part is Copy ID will always be there regardless of permission.

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